Why A Little Time Apart Can Benefit Dogs and Their Owners

Spending time with your dog is generally great for both pets and owners. For us humans, there's the satisfaction of bringing up a faithful companion and enjoying their company (and there may even be major health benefits). For dogs, there's an endless supply of sticks and tennis balls to chase and the loving attention of guardians who can look out for them no matter what.

However, here's a radical idea for dog owners. Might it sometimes be a good idea to have some time away from your pet? Actually, although you might dread being separated, a couple of days apart can be healthy for pets and owners. Here are some reasons why.

Dogs Can Be Hard Work

Most dogs demand attention whenever their owners are around, and dilligent owners will take their best friends for a walk at least twice a day. If you work in the mornings, taking your dog for their early exercise can be an energy-sapping experience. Sometimes, it can even lead to missed trains due to little "accidents" or losing track of time.

There's nothing wrong with taking a break from dog walking duties every now and then. That doesn't mean leaving your pet at home in the morning and making them wait until the evening to get outside, but it does mean enlisting the services of professional dog walkers or dog boarding facilities to take the weight off your shoulders.

Sometimes Dogs Love to be Pampered

Even the most affectionate dog owners probably haven't mastered the latest in doggie hair-styling and grooming techniques, but some pets really enjoy that kind of pampering. If your dog is a bit of a prima donna, why not book them in for a night at a dog boarding business that doubles up as a grooming boutique?

Many dog hotels offer much more than simply a comfortable place to sleep. Some style themselves as "pet resorts", providing specialist training, dog swimming pools, a huge array of toys and grooming services too. It may not be for every dog, but for some pooches, dog boarding could be the time of their lives.

Time Away from Home Can Improve Dog Behaviour

As mentioned above, some boarding services also employ professional trainers. These experts help to manage dogs during time away from their owners, but they have a more positive role as well. They can focus on behavioural issues (all dogs have them) that owners are sometimes a little too indulgent to deal with, making life easier in the future. You can drop your pet off for daily classes, but courses also work well if dogs board overnight. That way, trainers can really get to know their pupils and can mould their behaviour effectively.

Don't fear small periods of time apart from your dog. They can actually be a great chance to renew your bond, improve your dog's behaviour and give them a treat. In fact, some studies have found that short stays in dog kennels excite dogs, instead of distressing them. It turns out that a little separation can sometimes be the key to a great relationship between dogs and their owners.