Five Fabulous Amenities for a Top Notch Cat Boarding Experience

You love your cat, and you want her to have the best life possible, even when you cannot be there. Because of that, when you go out of town, you should choose your boarding facility carefully. Wondering what the top amenities in cat boarding are? Take a look at these options:

1. Grooming

When the cat boarding facility offers grooming, you can rest assured that your cat will be beautiful, brushed and untangled when you pick her up at the end of your holiday. Some facilities offer grooming services as part of the package, while others have it as an additional add-on. This is a great way to ensure your cat gets a bit of pampering while you are away.

2. Photographs

In the digital world, there is never a need to wait for a postcard, and if you choosing a boarding facility that offers photos, you can keep tabs on your tabbie while she's at the cattery. Some boarding facilities will snap photographs of your cat while she is playing, sleeping, being held or just looking adorable. Then, they will send the photos to your mobile phone or email so you can see how your cat is done. Some facilities may even have cameras that allow you to check on your cat remotely using an app.

3. Socialising Time

Cats love to play, and if your cat is social, she may prefer to stay at a boarding facility that offers socialising time. Ideally, the cat boarder should have a common area for cats to play with scratching posts, boxes to hide in, yarn balls to push around and other fun items. There should also be a protocol in place to ensure all the cats play nicely.

4. Excursions

In addition to socialising while at the cattery, some boarders offer fun excursions for cats. That may involve a trip to the beach, walks or other fun events for your cat. Make sure the facility brings adequate supervisors along if it plans to take your cat out for fun.

5. Special Diets

Finally and most importantly, look at the food the facility offers. Will they let you bring your own food? Do they have accommodations for gluten-free cats, organic-loving cats or cats that have other speciali dietary needs? In some cases, as your cat is away from home, you may want her to have access to special treats like meat cooked on the barbie or fresh fish.

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